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Cullompton United Charities

Cullompton United Charities

Assisting those in need within the Parish of Cullompton (Devon)

We offer assistance to those in need within the Parish of Cullompton.

About the charities

The Cullompton United Charities is an amalgamation of charities which have been formed by gifts from local benefactors over many years.  The United Charities is both an Almshouse Charity (with nine Almshouses), and a charity to help those within the Parish who are in need and qualify for assistance.

The income from the investments now provide the funds to enable the Trustees to assist those facing hardship.

Assistance available includes:

Gifts In Need

This covers a wide range of assistance, and applications for help can be made on forms giving details of requirements, the reason for the application and details of current financial position.

Assistance has included provision of stair lifts, some medical equipment, the provision of necessary items such as beds, refrigerators and washing machines, and many other expenses which are necessary for health and well being of residents.  Help is also given to local organisations such as Surgeries and Groups with gifts towards facilities for the disabled.

We also support the Culm Voluntary Car Scheme.

To find out more about Gifts in Need and to make an application please visit our Gifts In Need page.

Students and Apprentices:

The George Spicer Fund provides gifts of £100.00 to those under the age of 25 years, who are training for their trade or profession, applications to be accompanied by receipts for items previously purchased for tools, books etc. over the value of £100.00.

To apply for a gift from the George Spicer Fund please download the application form below:

Cullompton's established* residents can benefit from a number of charitable schemes.

Our volunteer trustees manage nine local Almshouses and the town centre facility known as Community House, (where rooms are available for hire).

United? While two of the original charities (Grant Homes and George Spicer) remain separate and still operate in their own right, many smaller ones were formally combined by the Charity Commissioners into a single United Charity so we could more easily reflect the needs of modern society.

We currently own 2 pieces of land in Knowle Lane, Langlands which is leased to DCC for use as a playing field for Willowbank Primary School and Stocking Close which is used by the Cullompton Rugby Club.

Adults and community organisations with genuine needs may also qualify for help within the framework set out by our Trusts.

So - whether you are looking for a venue for a community project, need help for yourself or others within Cullompton, or fancy offering your services as a possible trustee, have a look around this website or contact our clerk for more information.

If you, someone you know, or your community organisation within Cullompton may be "in need", please contact us for more information.

The help we can provide is governed by the terms of the charities we operate and the availability of funds or accomodation. Qualifying requests are considered within the sole discretion of the trustees.