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Cullompton United Charities

Cullompton United Charities

Assisting those in need within the Parish of Cullompton (Devon)

The Almshouses

There have always been individuals in English society who have been generous to those less fortunate than themselves. Before the welfare state was established in the 20th Century, the poor were dependant on relatives, the church, charities and the wealthy businessmen of the day, who endowed buildings and institutions, such as the Almshouses we have the privilege to manage.

The CUC continue John Trott's legacy, who, in his will of 1523, left money 'to build an almshouse for six poor men and purchase land to provide them with sixpence a week'. From 1816 to 1862 elderly people in receipt of parish allowance lived here. In 1883 James Martin left £400 to restore and extend the Almshouses and in 1906 Frank Sellwood, of the town's tannery family, left £100 to provide for their upkeep.

I was fortunate in my life to have wealth and position. It was my duty to help those less fortunate and I stipulated that those who lived in the Almshouse should pray for my soul and the souls of my wife and children, which I hope they still do.

John Trott, Philanthropist (1523) (When asked: Why did you leave money to build almshouses?)


Cullompton United Charities now manage a total of 9 Almshouses in Cullompton, including the 6 left by John Trott. Seven form a small community close to the town centre, comprising six small and historic units (whose charm and antiquity are preserved within a rolling modernisation program). A modern bungalow is then set to the side of the communal garden area.

All Almshouses are available to those meeting the criteria for an Almshouse as set down by the Almshouse Assosication and being over the age of 55 years.

Additionally we have two larger houses, under the Grants Homes charity, where residents may be drawn from the Kentisbeare parish as well.

A regular renewal regime means we continually endeavour to keep the properties up to date.

Please note: Vacancies do not arise very often and will be advertised locally when that happens.

Grants Homes, Stoneyford

A pair of 2 bedroom properties suitable for a couple, living within either the Parish of Cullompton or Kentisbeare having Agricultural ties.

Higher Street, Almshouses

Our almshouses on Higher Street are comprised of 6 individual 1 bedroom, terraced properties; suitable for single occupants.

Weaver Wood - Bungalow

A detached 1 bedroom bungalow within the garden of the Almshouses which is suitable for a couple. This property is reserved for disabled residents, and at least one party must be disabled.