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Cullompton United Charities

Cullompton United Charities

Assisting those in need within the Parish of Cullompton (Devon)

Gifts In Need

This covers a wide range of assistance, and applications for help can be made on forms giving details of requirements, the reason for the application and details of any benefits received.

Assistance has included provision of stair lifts, some medical equipment, the provision of necessary itesm such as beds, refrigerators and washing machines, and many other expenses which are necessary for health and well being of residents.  Help is also given to local organisations such as Surgeries and Groups with gifts towards facilities for the disabled.

We also support the Culm Voluntary Car Scheme.

To make an application for Gifts in Need please download the following application form:

Please Note to help process your request forms must be fully completed and accompanied by a letter of support from a professional person e.g. Health Visitor, Social Worker, Ocupational Therapist.

Hospital Visits

Gifts of £4.00 per visit can be made towards the cost of attending hospital appointments.

To apply for help towards hospital visits please download the application form below:

Piper Lifeline

If you are a senior citizen or otherwise have a lack of mobility or suffer from serious health problems and live in Cullompton you may wish to consider whether a Piper Lifeline Unit would benefit you. Our funds are limited but we try to assist with the cost of these invaluable aids to independance and security.

Do you live alone?

Do you worry about how you would summon help if you had an accident in your home?
Or, do you know someone who would answer yes to the above questions?

With Piper Lifeline, when you need assistance you simply press the button on the unit or the body-worn pendant. This sends a signal through to the control centre where the operator will respond to your call. Even if you cannot speak, the computer system will identify who you are, where you live and the operator will call one of your chosen contacts. The control centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Provision of ‘Piper’ units are at present made to over 70 homes in the Parish.

Applications to be made to the Clerk accompanied by a letter from your GP, this is normal procedure if there is a real need your GP will happily provide a letter.